Prosthetic implant

““I regret that I can no longer burst out laughing, sneeze or even eat in public, without embarrassment. I have mouth sores and food gets under my dentures when I eat … There must 0be a solution to all this!”

implant supported dentures

Countermeasure to bone loss

Natural teeth and their roots play a crucial role in the conservation of the gums and jawbone. Consequently, when an individual is missing one or more teeth, a decrease in bone cell regeneration will be observed. This effect is directly related to premature facial aging: the outcome of bone mass and muscle atrophy and of the loss of stability when dealing with conventional dentures.

  • Implants therefore replace natural teeth and their roots!

Avoid masticatory problems

A conventional denture that becomes unstable will result in poor chewing. This causes, amongst other things:

  • Poor nutrient absorption
  • Slowdown of the immune system
  • Decrease of effective sleep regulation

Implants allow the denture to be hooked to a secure anchor and help reduce the inevitable bone loss that follows teeth extraction. Every month, thousands of implants are implanted in Quebec; it is unquestionably the best solution for everyone who wears a denture. In recent years, the procedure – which has been perfected for over 60 years – has reached peak effectiveness.

Surgery, even under local anesthesia (complete sedation can be performed upon request), only takes about an hour and a half and is virtually painless with speedy recovery.

Upgrade from a denture that floats in your saliva, and over soft gums, to a denture installed on solid pillars that hold it in place!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I wear my dentures immediately after surgery?
2. How durable are implant-supported dentures?
3. Is the procedure painful?

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