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The Basics of Having Dentures on Implants in your Mouth

When the day comes that you will need to have your teeth replaced by dentures, the options that you will have to choose from may seem overwhelming. Knowing exactly what to expect before going for dentures in Gatineau is vital if you want to have the proper knowledge on which denture type to pick. Knowing the costs involved and the benefits of each type is crucial for making the right decision. Whether you want dentures in Gatineau that will allow you to keep some of your existing teeth or even if you choose to go with dentures on implants, your choice will become an important part of your daily life. You will have to live with your choice of dentures every single day of the year.

Dentures on implants provide you with an excellent support system that holds your dentures into place much stronger than with traditional dentures. Dentures on implants are basically held in your mouth with implants that are inserted into your gums. The implants used for dentures on implants are the exact same type of implants that you would normally have for holding dental crowns in your mouth. The dentures on implants will be stronger than traditional dentures because rather than simply resting on your gums, they will be anchored into your mouth. Most dentures on implants have special snaps that allow you to rapidly remove the dentures without actually having to remove the entire implants from your gums.

When getting your dentures in Gatineau installed you will want to make sure that your gums are strong enough to support the weight of the dentures. Since implants will used the bone structure of your jaw, the denturist will have to make sure that your jaw bone is strong enough for this type of denture. Dentures on implants are fixed to your implants and although the implants cannot be removed without the assistance of your denturist, you will still be required to remove your dentures on implants for cleaning purposes and even when you sleep. Going to bed with dentures in your mouth, whether they are traditional dentures on installed on dental implants is not recommended and it could results is damaging of the dentures.

Although some people prefer to have dentures on implants solely for the bottom teeth, the upper teeth can also benefit from this technology. The upper dentures are normally much stronger than the bottom ones which is why some people prefer to only have implants in their bottom gums. If you want a permanent solution for your dentures then you will probably want to look into getting dental crowns installed instead of actual dentures. Just like dentures on implants, dental crowns will be supported by implants, but these cannot be removed from your mouth. With dental crowns you will have to brush your teeth and keep them clean just like with regular teeth. If you are planning on getting dentures in Gatineau anytime soon, you will want to consider Clinique Protèse Dentaire to do the job for you because of their excellent reputation.

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