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The Many Benefits of Implant Supported Dentures

denturesAre you currently dealing with tooth loss? Need to make a decision about which type of dentures to select for the replacement of your teeth? There are several options available for people dealing with the prospect of tooth loss, including implant supported dentures. Implant supported dentures have the advantage of holding your dentures in place with a great deal of support and stability. In this treatment option, implants are inserted into your gums, and then your dentures are attached to the implants, creating a secure hold. There are many benefits to the stability implant supported dentures offer, including the following:

Ability to eat with Confidence – The firm hold created by implant supported dentures allows a biting force close to a person’s natural teeth to be maintained. This means you can bite and chew hard foods without gum pain or movement of the dentures, and can continue to eat the foods you love.

Bone Maintenance – When you lose teeth, your jaw bone will start to atrophy over time in the places where teeth are absent. The implants that are inserted into your jaw bone in implant supported dentures will stimulate your bone just like a natural tooth would, allowing your bone tissue to be maintained.

Appearance – Bone loss can cause the skin around your mouth to sag, so another benefit of the bone maintenance that implant supported dentures provide is that it will maintain the shape of your jaw. In addition to allowing you to retain your youthful appearance and smile, implant supported dentures are designed to blend in flawlessly with your mouth through shading and forming, which means nobody will be able to tell that you are wearing them.

Secure Fit – With implant supported dentures, your dentures are held tightly in place by implants, giving you stability not available in a traditional denture. You won’t have to deal with the cost or inconvenience of denture adhesives and pastes, and you will never have to deal with the embarrassment of loose, slipping or ill-fitting dentures.

Comfort – In some cases, traditional dentures can create sores and abrasions in your mouth as there may be places in your mouth where they rub against. Implant supported dentures will eliminate such pressure points as the implant becomes the support of the denture, not your gums themselves. You will experience increased comfort as there will be less irritation of your gum tissue.

Now that you have learned about the many benefits of implant supported dentures, find out if they are right for you. Contact your local dental prosthesis clinic to learn more about implant supported dentures, as well as other treatment options. A consultation with a denturist can help determine your unique situation, and they will help you decide which form of dentures will work best in your case.

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