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What to Expect when you get Dentures for the First Time

dentures Now that your denturologist has decided that you need dentures to replace some or all of your teeth, you may be wondering what to expect when getting your dentures. While each person’s experience is unique, there are some common aspects involved to the process of working with a denturologist to get prosthetic teeth. The following is a list of steps that you can expect to encounter along your journey to getting your new dentures: Measurements First your denturologist will take several measurements of your mouth to ensure that your dentures will fit properly. The measurement process will vary depending on what type of denture you are getting, but may include mouth impressions and a casting model of your mouth. Before a denturologist does your measurements, any teeth that need to come out will have to be extracted by your dentist.

Tooth Selection Your denturologist will select your new teeth from a range of sizes, shapes and colours, making selections to fit your mouth and to meet your esthetic requirements. To better suit your needs, teeth will be also be selected by a denturologist based on your gums, age and chewing strength. Once you and your denturologist have finished selecting your teeth, your dentures can be completed. Receiving your Dentures Once your dentures have been made, you will be called back to your local denturologist office to receive your dentures and have them placed into your mouth. At this point the denturologist will assess the look and fit of your prosthetics, and will make any necessary adjustments. Now you are ready to wear your new teeth full time. Adjustment Period When you first start wearing your dentures, it is normal to have an adjustment period where you are getting used to the way they look and feel. For the first few days, the dentures may feel too large in your mouth, and you may have trouble eating and speaking. This is normal and very temporary. After a couple of weeks you should notice that eating and speaking becomes easier. You may also notice sore spots on your gums, which should lessen over time. If your sore gums persist, call your denturologist as you may need to have a fitting readjustment. Future Adjustments A set of dentures can last you for many years, but over time, your mouth shape may change, in which case you will need to have your denturologist make adjustments to your set of dentures. If at any time you notice that your dentures start to get loose or are otherwise not fitting properly, call your denturologist immediately.

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