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A Natural-Looking Smile With Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry

In North America, we are constantly surrounded by images of incredibly good-looking men and women who all have one thing in common: they have a smile which radiates youth, health and happiness.
As sophisticated and informed consumers, we also know that what we see in pictures of photo shoots is often the product of hours in “hair and makeup”, or of retouching with computer software. Unfortunately, a great looking smile is something one cannot achieve in a few hours behind a make-up counter!
But luckily for us, we all can achieve a great smile in a few hours at the dentist thanks to evolutions in cosmetic dentistry.
It so important to feel good about ourselves, inside and out, since our smile can be seen as a true reflection of our state-of-mind. Fortunately, a great smile is something that is now accessible to all of us, and not just for Hollywood movie stars or royalty.
Indeed, more and more consumers are looking at cosmetic dentistry as a way to permanently enhance the look of their smile. Yet, there is a significant portion the population who are very interested in receiving cosmetic dentistry treatment, but who are afraid the results won’t appear natural.
Luckily, there are dentists whose cabinet specializes in cosmetic dentistry and whose services, such as Invisalign clear braces or porcelain veneers, have been proven to provide the results patients, like you and me, have longed for, for many years.
Furthermore, forward-thinking dentists now offer the newest invention in terms of cosmetic dentistry: a technology called Dental GPS, which was invented in Canada and is now known world-wise as a revolutionary method to give a perfect, natural-looking smile to each individual.
If you have been wishing to improve the look of your smile but have been hesitant to take the plunge, then the Dental GPS is a technology invented with you in mind, as it allows you to see exactly what you will resemble after the procedure —even before it has started!
When a clinic offering Dental GPS technology also offers free consultations, there is really nothing to lose and everything to gain.
If you made a resolution this year to treat yourself more often, don’t pass on this opportunity: you’ll be glad you did… and will smile more often as a result!

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Common Denture Myths

There are many myths out there when it comes to dentures. And unfortunately, these misconceptions often prevent people who need dentures from getting them. However, with proper assessments, fittings, and maintenance done by a qualified denturist, dentures are a great option for smile restoration. So if your beliefs about dentures are stopping you from visiting a denturist, read on below as we bust some common denture myths:

Myth: Everyone will be able to tell I’m wearing dentures
Fact: While there are tell-tale signs of dentures, such as clicking, slipping, and an unnatural smile, these issues result from poorly fitted dentures. A professional fitting and regular follow-up examinations with a denturist will ensure that your dentures fit well, and give you the confidence to wear them as if they are your natural teeth.

Myth: Dentures will make my breath smell
Fact: Dentures are similar to natural teeth in that proper oral hygiene practices are needed to keep them clean and prevent bad breath. An effective maintenance routine for dentures includes rinsing them with water after eating a meal, brushing the dentures just as often as you would brush natural teeth, cleaning the dentures with denture paste every night, and soaking them overnight in cleaning solution made for dentures.

Myth: I won’t be able to eat the foods I love
Fact: Dentures may fit a bit differently than your natural teeth did, which means there can be an adjustment period when you first get dentures. With time and practice people with dentures learn how to bite and chew in a new way so that they can eat foods such as apples, corn on the cob and nuts. If you have any trouble adjusting to your new bite, consult with your denturist. A denturist will inspect the fit of your dentures and work with you to make them as functional as possible.

Myth: Dentures cause speech problems
Fact: Similar to the adjustment period for eating, when you first get your dentures you will also have to adjust to a slightly new way of speaking. It can be awkward at first, but eventually you will get used to the fit of the dentures in your mouth, and your speech will go back to normal. If you have a persistent speech problem, visit your denturist, as this is a sign that your dentures are not fitting properly.

Myth: Dentures are too expensive
Fact: Many people avoid getting dentures because they think that the dentures and regular care involved are unaffordable. The truth is that dentures and denture care can fit into most people’s budgets if they are honest with their denturist about their limited incomes. A denturist can work with you to explore options within your acceptable price range and give you a beautiful smile that fits into your budget.

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The Benefits Of Implant Supported Dentures

ImplantSupportedCompleteDentureThere are several possible reasons for tooth loss including, but not limited to:

– Trauma

– Periodontal (Gum) Disease

– Congenital Absence

Losing your teeth can have negative effects in terms of both aesthetics and functionality. Aesthetically, aside from gaps, losing teeth can also change the shape of your jawbone and lips, often adding age to a person’s appearance. However, losing teeth can also cause serious problems in regards to eating, speech, and impact your overall health.

If you’ve lost all, or many of your teeth, speaking to a denturist about implant supported dentures is one of your best options to help avoid many of the problems associated with tooth loss. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, implant supported dentures are specially fitted dentures, that attach to abutments which have been surgically inserted into your gums. The process is very similar to a dental implant, however implant supported dentures require more abutments.

Although it may sound like a more difficult procedure than simply having a denturist create removable dentures for you, here are some of the reasons to consider implant supported dentures:

1. Stabilization: Regardless of how well a denturist designs a set of dentures, they can often be difficult to keep in place. Loose dentures, that slip or fall out can cause embarrassment, discomfort and can impede your speech and chewing abilities. Implant supported dentures are secured to your mouth so there is no worry about loose dentures or buying denture adhesives ever again!

2. Aesthetics: Implant supported dentures can help prevent the aforementioned change in bone structure. As the abutments are inserted into the gums and jawbone, they help mimic the function of root structures, which will help prevent the gums and jawbone from collapsing.

3. Functionality: Implant supported dentures can improve chewing, so you don’t have to put a limit on your diet or affect your nutritional intake.

4. Comfort: As implant supported dentures are affixed to your gums and do not rely on your palate, they can prevent discomfort and damage. Because they are supported by implant structures, they also reduce the amount of harm and damage to your gums.

5. Maintenance: Often times implant supported dentures can be removed for easy cleaning.

Although losing your teeth can be an embarrassing and uncomfortable situation, implant supported dentures offer a more permanent and natural-looking to alternative to regular dentures. To find out more, contact a denturist or dentist today.

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(Français) Un denturologiste assez gentil pour se retenir de rire…

C’était à l’été 2009. Comme à tous les étés, je profitais du soleil, de la plage et de ma roulotte installée sur un terrain de camping pour la saison. Mes voisins de camping sont les Tremblay. Lui est denturologiste et elle, avocate. Ils ont un garçon, Martin, 12 ans. Un gosse bien débrouillard. Un vrai petit « patenteux ». Cet été là, Martin décide de se fabriquer un radeau avec de la corde et des billots de bois mort, muni d’une voile fabriquée à partir d’une bâche. Je l’encourage dans son projet mais je me dis : « ce truc ne flottera jamais ». Un matin de la mi-août, je me réveille et prend soin de mettre mes prothèses dentaires parce que je ne supporte pas mon image sans elles. Je sors de la roulote et comme à tous les matins, je contemple le lac. Mais que vois-je au loin? Un radeau, muni d’une voile orange, sur lequel un gamin pagaie. Il est loin, je ne distingue que sa silhouette. Le denturologiste et son épouse ne sont pas en vue. Il a donc réussi! « Bravo Martin! Vas-y! », lui criais-je en vain. Il ne peut m’entendre vu la distance. Tout à coup : un coup de vent. Martin, sa voile et son radeau tombent à la renverse. Oh mon dieu! Est-ce qu’il a sa veste de sauvetage? A-t-il sa veste?? Personne autour pour me répondre. Pas de chance à prendre, je m’élance à l’eau. Je nage de toutes mes forces, je respire vite et fort et… oh, malheur! Ma prothèse dentaire du haut tombe dans l’eau. Je ne tente même pas de la récupérer, je dois secourir Martin. J’arrive à quelques mètres de lui pour enfin constater… qu’il portait bel et bien sa veste de sauvetage. Nous regagnons la rive ensemble. Le papa denturologiste attend sur la plage, clairement fier de son fils. Nous sortons de l’eau et il me dévisage. Je lui avoue, en riant un peu, que ma prothèse dentaire est au fond du lac. Je sais qu’intérieurement, il s’esclaffe. Mais il se retient. Il me remercie chaleureusement d’être venu à la « rescousse » de son fils. « Avez-vous déjà pensé à des prothèses sur implant? », me demande-t-il. « Je suis denturologiste comme vous le savez. Passez à mon bureau demain matin, on en discutera ». Le denturologiste m’explique : si j’ai assez d’os de qualité dans la mâchoire pour soutenir des implants, je suis un bon candidat. La prothèse s’attache ou est vissée sur les implants. Celle-ci est donc beaucoup plus stable. La prothèse sur implant est aussi identique aux dents naturelles. Elle est donc très esthétique, vous permet de mâcher plus confortablement et améliore l’élocution. Elle élimine les douleurs ou l’inconfort que posent les prothèses amovibles… et vous ne risquez pas de les perdre dans l’eau la prochaine fois que vous porterez secours à mon fils. Ceci est un appel à tous : si vous voyez un poisson portant des prothèses dentaires, elles sont à moi!

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(Français) Evitez d’user vos dents grâce à une prothèse dentaire !

denturesBien souvent quand on perd une dent, on minimise la gravité, surtout si elle n’est pas bien  apparente quand on parle et on sourit. Beaucoup ne savent pas qu’une seule dent manquante  peut provoquer, avec le temps, une usure prématurée des autres dents en plus de problèmes de gencives, sans parler de problèmes de mastication surtout quand il s’agit de plusieurs dents. D’autre part, lorsqu’une dent cariée ne peut pas être soignée et réparée, elle doit être arrachée pour éviter les infections éventuelles et la douleur qui s’en suivra. La solution pour remplacer une dent manquante, c’est une prothèse dentaire réalisée par un denturologue (parfois désigné aussi sous le nom de denturologiste ou prothésiste-dentaire). Pour sa prothèse dentaire à Gatineau, on a le choix entre plusieurs  denturologues. Il s’agit de choisir celui à qui on a confiance qui comprendra nos goûts en matière d’esthétique, nous informera concernant les différentes solutions qui existent, nous conseillera et surtout celui qui nous redonnera le meilleur sourire ! Un bon denturologue  est en mesure de nous proposer aussi bien la prothèse conventionnelle que la prothèse sur implants. Il existe plusieurs types de prothèses dentaires : fixe ou amovible, partielle ou complète. Naturellement, la prothèse dentaire sur implant à Gatineau est la meilleure solution, c’est une technologie moderne en matière de prothèse dentaire, elle a pratiquement supprimé tous les inconvénients présentés par les autres prothèses, en particulier on n’abime  les  dents voisines et on a une meilleure mastication.  Le seul inconvénient qu’on peut lui reprocher c’est qu’elle est plus chère que les autres. Le denturologue non seulement s’occupe de la confection de la prothèse dentaire mais il est aussi en mesure de nous prodiguer des soins bucco-dentaires et , évidemment, il assure un suivi régulier de la prothèse pour qu’il n’y ai aucun problème avec la gencive. Le denturologue pourra éventuellement avec le temps  nous proposer de changer de prothèse, car il faut savoir que la prothèse dentaire a une durée de vie limitée (5 ans environ).

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The Many Benefits of Implant Supported Dentures

denturesAre you currently dealing with tooth loss? Need to make a decision about which type of dentures to select for the replacement of your teeth? There are several options available for people dealing with the prospect of tooth loss, including implant supported dentures. Implant supported dentures have the advantage of holding your dentures in place with a great deal of support and stability. In this treatment option, implants are inserted into your gums, and then your dentures are attached to the implants, creating a secure hold. There are many benefits to the stability implant supported dentures offer, including the following:

Ability to eat with Confidence – The firm hold created by implant supported dentures allows a biting force close to a person’s natural teeth to be maintained. This means you can bite and chew hard foods without gum pain or movement of the dentures, and can continue to eat the foods you love.

Bone Maintenance – When you lose teeth, your jaw bone will start to atrophy over time in the places where teeth are absent. The implants that are inserted into your jaw bone in implant supported dentures will stimulate your bone just like a natural tooth would, allowing your bone tissue to be maintained.

Appearance – Bone loss can cause the skin around your mouth to sag, so another benefit of the bone maintenance that implant supported dentures provide is that it will maintain the shape of your jaw. In addition to allowing you to retain your youthful appearance and smile, implant supported dentures are designed to blend in flawlessly with your mouth through shading and forming, which means nobody will be able to tell that you are wearing them.

Secure Fit – With implant supported dentures, your dentures are held tightly in place by implants, giving you stability not available in a traditional denture. You won’t have to deal with the cost or inconvenience of denture adhesives and pastes, and you will never have to deal with the embarrassment of loose, slipping or ill-fitting dentures.

Comfort – In some cases, traditional dentures can create sores and abrasions in your mouth as there may be places in your mouth where they rub against. Implant supported dentures will eliminate such pressure points as the implant becomes the support of the denture, not your gums themselves. You will experience increased comfort as there will be less irritation of your gum tissue.

Now that you have learned about the many benefits of implant supported dentures, find out if they are right for you. Contact your local dental prosthesis clinic to learn more about implant supported dentures, as well as other treatment options. A consultation with a denturist can help determine your unique situation, and they will help you decide which form of dentures will work best in your case.

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What to Expect when you get Dentures for the First Time

dentures Now that your denturologist has decided that you need dentures to replace some or all of your teeth, you may be wondering what to expect when getting your dentures. While each person’s experience is unique, there are some common aspects involved to the process of working with a denturologist to get prosthetic teeth. The following is a list of steps that you can expect to encounter along your journey to getting your new dentures: Measurements First your denturologist will take several measurements of your mouth to ensure that your dentures will fit properly. The measurement process will vary depending on what type of denture you are getting, but may include mouth impressions and a casting model of your mouth. Before a denturologist does your measurements, any teeth that need to come out will have to be extracted by your dentist.

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Types of Dentures: Complete, Partial and Semi-Precision Dental Implants

denturesWhen natural teeth can’t be saved, dentures might be the solution to the problem. Well-fitting dentures are just as beautiful as natural teeth and can be quite comfortable. The secret is to consult a denturist, discuss the various options and make a decision together.

Complete dentures

Complete dentures are custom made and require precise equipment and advanced techniques in design. Information is gathered on your temporomandibular joint and cranium after which the data is send to a precision articulator. This articulator can simulate the movement of your mouth.

The teeth of your dentures are a combination of high technology and craftsmenship, guaranteed to produce teeth that are perfect in shape, color and function.

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