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Dental Prosthesis Clinic

Pascale Henri, denturist with more than 20 years of experience, is happy to welcome you in her new clinic now located in the heart of Aylmer, Gatineau. Choosing Pascale Henri’s “Clinique Prothèse Dentaire” is choosing a welcoming approach, personalized service, and a friendly and efficient team that pride themselves on the advanced technology and the clinics cleanliness. The fabrication of a denture is an art that requires patience, precision and competence. In this profession, the denturist is without exception the artist of your smile who will fabricate a personalized prosthesis perfectly adapted to your mouth and the shape of your face. They are health professionals recognized for the fabrication, installation and adjustments of removable dental prostheses (partials, immediate, conventional or even implant-supported prostheses.)

Our Offered Services

Dental prosthesis implants in Gatineau

Prosthetic implant

In prosthesis saliva floating on the top of a soft gum, you go to a prosthesis settling on solid pillars that hold up!

Complete dental prosthesis

Conventional complete dentures

High-quality precision dentures are guaranteed to meet your Expectations…

Aylmer dental prosthesis clinic

Conventional partial dentures

Before you get seduced, verify that the hygienic bar suits you. We can only create this true little dental jewelry in 40% of cases!