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Ms. Pascale Henri was co-owner of the centre de denturologie de St-Brunode- Montarville for 10 years before moving to Gatineau and acquiring the clinic belonging to Claude Lefebvre, dd in 2012. Offering the same great service and high quality dentures at competitive prices as M. Lefebvre, Ms. Henri also suggests precision and implant supported dentures.

The hallmarks of her practice are attention to detail, the highest quality materials and teeth, personalized esthetics and excellent customer service. Ms. Henri is passionate about providing her patients with the most natural looking and technologically advanced dental prostheses.

We welcome new patients. Our flexible schedule allows us to see you at your earliest convenience. The clinic is opened 5 days a week with the possibility of evening appointments. Because hygiene is important to us, all of our instruments are sterilized and our rooms disinfected with care between each patient. All files have been transferred to the new location where M. Lefebvre’s patients, can count on an excellent service.

Prosthetic on implants

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Conventional complete prosthetics

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Conventional partial prosthetics

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Countermeasure to bone loss | Prosthetic Implant

Natural teeth and their roots play a crucial role in the conservation of the gums and jawbone. Consequently, when an individual is missing one or more teeth, a decrease in bone cell regeneration will be observed. This effect is directly related to premature facial aging: the outcome of bone mass and muscle atrophy and of the loss of stability when dealing with conventional dentures.

Avoid masticatory problems. A conventional denture that becomes unstable will result in poor chewing. This causes, amongst other things :

Implants allow the denture to be hooked to a secure anchor and help reduce the inevitable bone loss that follows teeth extraction.

Every month, thousands of implants are implanted in Quebec; it is unquestionably the best solution for everyone who wears a denture. In recent years, the procedure – which has been perfected for over 60 years – has reached peak effectiveness. Surgery, even under local anesthesia (complete sedation can be performed upon request), only takes about an hour and a half and is virtually painless with speedy recovery.

Upgrade from a denture that floats in your saliva, and over soft gums, to a denture installed on solid pillars that hold it in place!

Frequently Asked Questions :

Yes, during the procedure, your current denture will be modified and a soft base will be added to allow you to keep it. You can also get your new dentures very soon after the procedure if the surgeon feels that your bone structure allows for a quick recovery.

Many people have had their implants for over 30 years. It is therefore very likely that you will keep your implants for your whole life by following recommendations on good hygiene practices. As for the dentures, they will need to be renewed from time to time according to the type selected. They require regular assessment visits to ensure their proper functioning.

Implant placement is surprisingly carried out in comfort. Those who have recently gone through this intervention said they were pleasantly surprised by how smooth the surgery went. Rest assured that our staff would provide you with the utmost comfort during and after surgery.

Conventional complete prosthetics

Precision Prosthetic

High-quality precision dentures are guaranteed to meet your expectations.

Installation Procedures

Precision dentures mean above all the use of precise equipment and techniques in their design. A universal transfer bow system is used to gather a great deal of information on your cranium and temporomandibular joint and can also transfer this data to a precision articulator.

We thus have access, from a laboratory, to a simulation of your denture’s movements. All of this personal data will guide the denturist in the fabrication of your dentures. Because you are purchasing dentures that are custom-made, you will find that they are more stable and efficient.

Semi-precision denture | Installation Procedures (Coordinated Movements)

A semi-precision articulator will be used to position teeth according to the articulation of a regular cranium. As jaw’s alignment and their degree of angulations are not adjustable, it is impossible to transfer a patient’s specific data like we can with a precision articulator. Dentures will nonetheless be fabricated to allow harmonious chewing on both sides and to achieve good stability, thanks to the movements made possible with this small but well-performing articulator.


Each natural-looking tooth used to make precision dentures is the perfect combination of “Handmade in Germany” and high technology: manually stratified in several layers, it is continuously the finest model when it comes to tint, shape and function. As proven by abrasion testing: better teeth wear out less rapidly and chew more efficiently.

Complete Prosthetics Options :

Clear Palate

For a less visible upper denture, replace the conventional pink acrylic palate with a clear acrylic. The denture is just as durable but is less visible when yawning or when bursting out laughing.

Metal palate plated with Cobalt-chrome

A palate four times thinner than acrylic. It conducts heat thereby enhancing taste sensations.

Reinforcement for a more secure fit

Différents types de renforts existent soit en métal ou en fibre de verre qui peuvent être intégré à l’acrylique lors de la cuisson pour solidifier la prothèse, idéale pour les patients qui fissurent ou brisent souvent leur prothèse.

Soft base

A cushion that covers the inside of the lower denture to facilitate chewing and avoid mouth sores on resorbed gums.


Quality teeth are always selected based on your morphology and esthetic requirements. Two essential qualities of good molars are their resistance to wear and their shape, which is designed to favor food grinding. To better suit your needs, teeth will be selected based on your gums, age and chewing strength.

Conventional partial dentures – Ultaire partial dentures

Partial prosthetic with precision attachments without clasps

For an upper or lower partial that fits better without visible clasps, discreet attachments are added by your dentist to the crowns in your mouth where the partial can be firmly anchored.

Ultra-polymer partial prosthetic

Looking for an alternative to metal partial dentures? The Ultra-polymer prosthesis could be a good option for you. Contact us to book a consultation appointment to find out.

Options en prothèse partielles :
More discreet hooks

For a more discreet partial denture, replace the metal clasps with pink, white or clear FRS clasps. Check with your denturist to see if this is possible for you.

Precision attachment

For an upper or lower partial that fits better without visible clasps. Discreet attachments are added to the crowns in the mouth where the partial fits securely.

An even thinner prosthesis

For patients allergic to metals or simply those who want a lighter, thinner metal structure with exceptional strength: the TITANIUM metal skeleton. A noble and biocompatible metal, TITANIUM is much more difficult to work with, but offers surprising results.

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